Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We love this girl!

Quotes from my favorite little 4-year-old:

"Girls talk to much"

"That boy looks like a girl" {about a guy she saw at the store with only kind of long hair, which by the way was still longer than hers}

Emma: Mathew, you talk like a girl. {when he was whining}
Mathew: No, I don't
Emma: Well, you cry like one.

Emma to Michael: "That's why you work down in a ditch and I work up in the sky." {with attitude--from the Tinkerbell movie}

Since her birthday lands on the father & sons' campout, we got to have an all (well, mostly) girl party.  Here she is with all her guests.

She is such a girlie-girl, but she's tough enough to take on any boy around.  She is such a joy to us!

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Ryan & Lani Fenn said...

Emmas quotes are hilarious! Miss you guys!