Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mathew's 5th birthday

We had so much fun planning Mathew's big birthday party. It was the first big party we've done for him, and he was so excited.
Mat's new favorite show is "Jake and the Neverland Pirates," so when I saw the idea online for a pirate and pixie party, I knew Mat would love it. Almost everyday he would ask if we could look for party ideas online.

Drawing on the wigwam

Cannonball battle

Searching for treasure
Mathew is so excited about growing up and going to kindergarden. He tells me "I want to be baptized so I can live in Heaven" and "I want to be a missionary so I can go on a mission." He is a sweet little boy, we love him so much!

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The Gray Family said...

you did an AMAZING job my kids still talk about it...thanks for the invite!