Sunday, December 30, 2007

ODE TO '07

For us, 2007 was an exciting year. We reminisced about all the things that happened and decided to share a little with you.


We kicked off 2007 the same as we have most other years--at the Rose Parade. This year though, with Mathew still a baby and Carly pregnant, we had to be more comfortable, so we stayed in our RV.


After going to the boat show in January, by February Jon couldn't wait to get a boat. At the first opportunity, he bought a new wakeboard boat that he loves.


We'll use any excuse to get out on the lake. So for Mathew's first birthday in March we took the boat out.


Mathew started walking soon after his birthday.


In May Emma Jean was born, a couple of weeks early after a quick and easy delivery. Now we're a very busy family of four.

What a roller coaster. After much praying and fasting we finally obtained our long awaited grading clearance that we needed to continue on with the project of building our house.

It was so hot and dry this summer. When building our foundation, the concrete dried almost immediately. We tried to escape the heat on the lake.


By August we were anxious for our family vacation at Lake San Antonio, but it was hardly a break from the heat.


After vacation, Jon was always busy building our house. He didn't even take a break for boating or his birthday.


We finally got the house just barely finished enough to move in (!!!) by Halloween. We don't get any trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood though.


We took a little trip (just the two of us) in November to celebrate our big five year anniversary.


Now Emma is crawling all around the house. Mathew enjoys being a little helper for Mom and Dad. We've all had fun with family and friends this Christmas.

We hope that 2008 brings more good times for us and all of you.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mathew had been climbing out of his crib for a long time,
but we were surprised when climbed back in after he
left his blanket behind.

Watch her face at the end!!!