Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Best Summer Ever

This summer we spent lots of days by the pool and took a few trips. We had lots of good times.
For our last big vacation of the summer we camped for a few short days in Yosemite. It was fun to go camping again, but I really miss being able to take day trips to enjoy Yosemite.
Mathew is having a great time, he loves Grandpa.

The girlie girls. They are out numbered by the boys in my side of the family.

River Rafting A bunch of friends from our ward on the second annual river rafting trip.
We are so glad we got to go this year, it was so much fun! We are looking forward to doing it again.

Good Friends
At the beach in San Diego, our most successful beach trip.


We kicked off our summer in an AMAZING cabin in Sundance, Utah with Jon's family. Those mountains are gorgeous. We rode the tram all the way to the top and did a little hiking.

We got some yummy suckers for the kids, just like Jon got when he was little.